Psychotherapy, Postpartum Therapy, & Medication Management

Welcome to Tucson Outpatient Psychiatry (T.O.P)

Here at the T.O.P, you can expect the highest quality compassionate mental health services in the greater Tucson area. We offer a variety of outpatient Psychiatric services to adolescents and adults. We pride ourselves on taking the time to understand your psychological needs in a thorough and holistic manner. Through our comprehensive assessments we chart out a course of treatment designed to meet your treatment goals.

Here at the T.O.P you can expect comprehensive psychiatric care that provides multifaceted treatment in psychotherapy, skill building, and medication management.

Welcome to the T.O.P!

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Tucson Outpatient Psychiatry


Trained in multiple therapy modalities to help you decide what works best for you


Approaching your treatment from a “whole person” perspective


Formulating the most effective and individualized treatment plan for you